Wednesday, May 16, 2018

something in my eyes...

in which our plucky heroine remembers that humans and dogs have a contract that goes way way back

...and as much as I long to be with her own Darling Self when my own time in the bright world comes to an end, I know what choice she would have made...

(from Reddit, by someone named Euthenios) -

The last thing I remember is My Person bringing me to the Sharp Place.
I never understood why My Person would bring me to the Sharp Place. The smells were sharp, and they poked me with sharp things. That's why I called it the Sharp Place. It was a bad place. I didn't like it.
I don't know why My Person brought me there, that day of all days. I already hadn't been feeling good. I'd been throwing up, and my hips hurt and my paws hurt. Even eating grass didn't help. And then My Person brought me to the Sharp Place. I tried to be mad at him, but he seemed so sad about something, so I tried to wag my tail to cheer him up. I didn't even really notice when the Sharp Man poked me.
Then my eyes got heavy and that was the last thing I remember.
Buddy, a voice said. Buddy, wake up.
I opened my eyes and got to my feet, and I realized my paws didn't hurt anymore. I tried a wag, and that was fine, too. I sniffed the air. It smelled like the Play Park and like Our Home and the Car Window. I liked it a lot.
Welcome, Buddy, came the voice again, from behind me.
I turned around, and there was a person there. He wasn't My Person, but he was all safe and good smells, so I trusted him.
Where am I? I said.
You're in the place that Good Boys go, the person said.
I was a Good Boy? I said.
You were a Very Good Boy, he told me.
That was good. I always tried to be a Good Boy. Where's My Person? I asked.
He's still down there, the person said. And he waved his arm and all of a sudden we were in Our Home, and My Person was sitting on the Forbidden Chair and looking sad. Every so often, he'd look over at the Okay Couch, where I was allowed so sit, and his breath would catch because he was very sad. I tried to nuzzle him, but my nose just passed through his hand.
What's happening? I don't understand, I said.
The person sighed. You can't be with him right now, Buddy. I'm sorry. It's the way of things.
I thought about this. So it's like My Person is on the Person Bed, and I'm not allowed there? I said.
Exactly like that, the person said. But he can be with you someday. If you choose to wait for him.
Of course I want to wait for him! I said. Not wait for My Person? Who did this person think he was talking to?
Hold on, Buddy, the person said. He seemed sad about this for some reason. It's not that simple. You have a choice. He got down on one knee and he looked into my eyes. There are bad things in this world, Buddy. Very bad things.
Like Neighbor Cat?
So much worse than her, Buddy. He waved his hand, and I saw what he was talking about. He showed me dark things, that were like snakes and rats, only worse. Worse than the Sucking Machine. Worse than the Sharp Place. They smelled evil.
These are the things that want to hurt him, Buddy. They want to hurt everybody. So you can wait for him, or you can keep him safe. But if you choose to keep him safe, then you can't see him again.
What, never? I said.
The person nodded. Never, Buddy. I'm sorry. Those are the Rules. It's a terrible choice.
I looked at my paws. I didn't want to not see My Person ever again. But I wanted to keep him safe even more.
I know what I have to do, I said, and the person waved his hand, and all of a sudden we were in a place with there were as many dogs as I have every seen before. More, even.
These are all the Good Boys who chose to keep Their People safe, the person said.
I looked at them all. I couldn't believe it, still. But there's so many of us! I said. How many Good Boys are here?
The person looked down at me. He smiled, but I could tell he was also partly very sad. All of you, Buddy. Every single one.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


IN which our plucky heroine changes a gown into a coat...

My friend Maeva wanted her older wool SCA gown turned into an Anglo-Saxon coat, which I agreed to do.  The original gown, cut down the center front, had strips of blue and white diamond twill wool added to each side of the front opening*. I also shortened the original gown from floor length to calf length and used the cut pieces to both add a bit of width to the center back*, and to patch assorted moth and campfire spark holes that had occurred over the years, as well as to strengthen the gore points
All the burgundy wool edge binding, after being machined in place on the wrong side, was folded over the raw edges and then hand stitched in place on the right side, for a clean on two sides finish

The front neckline overlap, which will be fastened, when worn, with some suitable Anglo- Saxon brooches

The coat sleeve cuffs, which clearly show both the wool tablet weaving, and the block printed trim, as well as the diamond twill wool used on the cuffs and center front
* coats, being worn over assorted layers of clothing, need of necessity to be at least a little bit more spacious, hence the need to add just a bit more width to the coat-to-be

My hope is that this transformation will allow the garment to have a new and useful life for many years to come...

May SMART goals (x=extra)
1 four dot stamp alter Gigi shirts-
2 tiny block w handle tree water buckets-
3 printed trimmove chooks -
4 Maeva coat
- -
5 heraldic drawingsx -
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Great Chalk Highway...

IN which our plucky heroine discovers local transportation system upgrades..

Much to my surprise, there were some unexpected alterations in my usual route home... the local transportation system had been repainted and partially re-routed, and the signage had all been carefully replaced!
The local authorities are very thoughtful about the botanical specimens that may impinge on the right of way...
As I approached my house, it was obvious that traffic flow was really important, as were services to travelers, since a new gas station had been added in my formerly unused driveway ramp
Gas pumping station adjacent to but out of the traffic flow...
The new larger roundabout, with gas station, turn out along my front walkway for the fire department, and my favorite part, the landscaped central island...
See... the island in the middle of the roundabout has been carefully landscaped with two large conifers
At the other end of the local road, a smaller rotary includes bakery parking, and a sign beyond which travel is not recommended...

I love my neighborhood!!